Funeral of God - Walking Amongst The Graves (3rd Demo)

by P.C.Odio

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released March 19, 2016



all rights reserved


P.C.Odio Italy

Fan of the more rawest and extreme sides of Metal music from the beginning, in the 80ies. Here some of my works like musician and producer. Against any form of commercialism of extreme metal and hardcore music. Ever in search of new projects and collaborations.
Keep non commercial music alive!
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Track Name: Walking Amongst the Graves
Walking Amongst Graves
Cultivating death energy,
Always depressed.
I always prefer solitude,
Prefer to look inward, and destroy myself slowly.
I do not value life, though I had very good and long days… illusions.,
I get orgasms from my own suffering.
Death is using me for its own ends.
Death is lucifer, and lucifer is truth.
Cultivating the fruits of chaos; walking amongst graves.
No matter who or what, I enjoy death.
I support perversion, suicide and murder.
I have no problems being the martyr that I am,
For death I will work.
The energy of death is evil,
I do not want healing, only destruction.
I get orgasms from children's suffering.
I find children, lure them, whip them and cum in their hands.
Turkish perverts get off to my crimes.
Hitler is a hero to me, I want a leader like him to punish us, suffer
us and decrepitate all seminion.
Death is lucifer, and lucifer is truth.
Cultivating the fruits of chaos;
Lucifer has chosen me and I am the one,
That should teach the world to cultivate evil.
Lucifer is truth.
Lucifer has chosen me and I am the one,
Death is lucifer, and lucifer is truth.
Cultivating the fruits of chaos;
Death is lucifer,
Death; fruits of chaos.
Cultivating the fruits of chaos; walking amongst graves.
Track Name: Cold Nameless Grave
Cold Nameless Grave
Hunted by myself, I want an absolute abyss.
I wish I did nothing, and the parents that made me were never
What made me is my worst enemy.
I want to be nothing, absolute nameless grave.
I want to be torn apart to such distances that even time will forget
me. I want to dissolve.
Death is not my hope, because I want to be completely forgotten.
Dissolution will not do. I want to have never existed.
Hate, desperation, funeral, cancer, they are all but small fragments
of a chaos much bigger than the suffering of all those who got raped
and beheaded.
Nothing, absolute nothing, a cold nameless grave.
Dissolve like the confusion of a schizophrenic.
Dissolve into space.
Dissolve like the prostitutes torn apart by Jack.
Dissolve like a muslim confused after a wet dream.
Dissolve like a christian whose church is burning.
Dissolve like the father raping his son in shame.
Dissolve like a child who jacks off to his mother.
Dissolve like the beheader of his girlfriend.
Dissolve like the incision paling before letting out the blood.
Dissolve like the father raping his son in shame in a cold nameless
Track Name: Mother Serpent Rise
Mother Serpent Rise
Destruction of this world,
That is what we are here for.
Cosmos lovers aren't Satanists,
We are against creation.
We are sons of putrid darkness.
We are doing our deeds,
It is an instinct for us.
Intrinsic darkness,
Will fall outward,
Suck all the world.
The word of Satan is not of love but of hate.
Simply to reduce this pathetic order into chaos.
Whenever you feel like destroying everything, nothing makes sense
and you want to cause harm, it is his whisperings.
Everyone and everything who does harm to other things in this
But they are possessed because they think their deeds will lead to
an end; like a better world.
No, the only end destruction will lead is more destruction until
there is nothing left.
That is the only end in my mind when I strive for destruction.
I want this order to fall back into the void.
Not even its memory should linger.
I simply strive to destroy everything and even Satan can never
stand in my way.
Track Name: Obscurity & Despair
Obscurity & Despair
Law & religion
Uninhabitable lands & vile creatures
Apartments & human constructs of order
Vast spaces of chaos and nature
Temples, homes coziness
Heroes of order
Serpents of chaos
Faiths of order
Faiths of chaos
Health, happiness
Sickness, sadness