by P.C.Odio

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released November 9, 2016



all rights reserved


P.C.Odio Italy

Fan of the more rawest and extreme sides of Metal music from the beginning, in the 80ies. Here some of my works like musician and producer. Against any form of commercialism of extreme metal and hardcore music. Ever in search of new projects and collaborations.
Keep non commercial music alive!
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Track Name: The Violent Giant
The Violent Giant
the apocalyptic vision:

no more food
no more water
eating rats from the sewer
a brutal world
the strongest rule
senseless violence

a giant man
coming fron nowhere
he's ready for
a bloody slaughter

(he uses children as shield)

a rusty knife
his only weapon
cutting heads
splitting bodies
none will stay alive

he's the violent giant
created by human fear
born from the violence
incarnating pure evil

justice and morals
are not real
human mind compulsion
greed and frustrations
feed the giant
with no name
with no face

an endless nightmare
also the death
is scared of
this hell on earth

smell of death is close
an incoming bloodshed
kids, women or men
don't make difference

he's the violent giant
created by human fear
born from the violence
incarnating pure evil
Track Name: Messiah of Porn and Gore
Track Name: Only When I Commit Evil
sinking in darkness
life's chaotic senseless nightmare
blood is rotting and body is decaying
a stray dog lost in grey hell
disgusting infested weak minds
apathy: the mother
sloth: the father

only when i commit evil
my heart beats - my blood flows
my mind is free from this silly screen

blood is not enough
horror has to be
pure blazing black

overcoming meat
a core of steel
demonic sword of justice
after rejection's feast
a short break in the brothels
of my gold and marble mind
to keep go harder without mercy
till my Lord wants to be